Cut Production Time by 25% and Errors to Virtually Zero

Learn how Boeing transformed its wiring harness assembly operations with Skylight

Augmented reality solutions for the industrial workforce

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5 ways to fully utilize your seasonal workforce using industrial augmented reality


GE Aviation Uses Skylight on Glass to Save Millions in Error Reduction

Learn how augmented reality solutions are reducing assembly errors and improving overall efficiency.


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More Productive Workforce


Higher Quality Output


Greater Utilization

Skylight industrial AR platform connects hands-on workers to the information they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors. With Skylight, workers can use smart glasses to look up product schematics, step through complex workflows, engage experts, monitor data from nearby equipment, and record their best-practices to share with colleagues.

Using Skylight, companies can:

  • Improve operational performance
  • Increase workforce value
  • Connect your people to your systems
  • Build a fully¬†digital enterprise

With EyeSight industrial augmented reality software, companies can place on-demand experts at every jobsite. Enterprises are cross-training faster, improving response times, and reducing the risk of under-trained staff.

EyeSight uses wearable video collaboration technology to deliver HD video, audio, and documents from the field to your remote experts.