Skylight improves workforce performance by 32% on average. Get it on Glass.

Our customers’ success is a direct result of Upskill’s longevity as a Glass Partner dating back to the very beginning.

Today Skylight on Glass is used across a number of global organizations, including GE, Boeing, and KPN, to empower their workers to be more productive and deliver higher quality results.

Learn how companies are investing in their workforce by using assisted reality to improve speed, accuracy, and safety.

Skylight on Glass applies to a wide range of use cases

Wire Harness assembly at Boeing using Augmented Reality software from Upskill

Complex Assembly

Skylight on Glass helps Boeing cut wire harness assembly time by 25%. Workers get assembly instructions right in their viewfinder. No need to look away or tap on a laptop: they can navigate using Glass voice commands.

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Pick and Pack Augmented Reality software use case example

Materials Handling

GE’s warehouse workers are completing pick lists up to 46% faster with Skylight. Skylight on Glass™ delivers pick list order directly in the worker’s line of sight and suggests the best location to find items.

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GE aircraft engine built using Skylight AR tech

Maintenance & Repair

GE Aviation is combining Skylight on Glass and a WiFi-enabled torque wrench to reduce assembly errors and improve the efficiency of engine maintenance tasks. Every torqued nut is verified and recorded in maintenance records.

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