Skylight on the new Vuzix M300: A faster path for immediate ROI

Businesses are using Skylight and Vuzix smart glasses to accelerate business processes, improve quality and increase equipment uptime:

  • Skylight smart glasses software on Vuzix M300 is future-proof and configurable
  • Skylight customers can seamlessly add the new M300 without additional system integration costs
  • Skylight supports M300 from Day One – customers get the latest hardware with the best software on the market
vuzix m300 and Upskill Skylight software

Vuzix’s enterprise-focus shines in the M300 Smart Glasses

Purpose-built for the enterprise, Vuzix’s M300 Smart Glasses are ergonomically designed as they attach to impact-resistant and safety certified frames. With an adjustable and balanced form factor and the latest Intel Atom processor, the M300 also provides a top-of-the-line camera and improved battery life.

By allowing full hands-free operation, the M300 allows the hands-on workforce to focus on what matters, their work. You can rest assured that all Skylight capabilities are optimized to take advantage of the performance enhancements that the M300 brings.

Upgrade Risk Free – Buy Skylight and Vuzix M300 now:

  • Get an M100 running Skylight immediately and a replacement M300 running the latest version of Skylight shipped to you right when it becomes generally available.
  • The same Skylight solution you deploy on the M100 will work on the M300.
  • Get real business benefits today and a seamless upgrade path to new hardware tomorrow.