Move online grocery & product orders faster with Skylight

The demand for same-day delivery and curbside pickup options has never been higher than in the wake of COVID-19. Upskill’s Skylight-based vision picking solution for smart glasses is proven to help your team members pick faster and more accurately. It is also simple and affordable to adopt.


Fulfill orders up to 46% faster and improve order quality by up to 15%

Using Skylight vision picking on smart glasses, team members can easily view pick information in their smart glasses and scan using the built-in camera or a Bluetooth ring-scanner.

With their hands free, they can complete pick walks faster and more accurately without having to constantly pick up and put down a handheld device or paper picklist. Information shown in the display can also be dynamically updated and configured to meet your store’s unique needs or preferences.

How order picking works with Skylight


Information about the item to pick such as the location, quantity, and picture are displayed within the user's line-of-sight on the smart glasses display.

Highlighted fields show the next required action (ex. scan the barcode on the tote). Team members can scan items with the built-in camera or a Bluetooth scanner accessory.

Voice commands can be utilized for inputting quantities and resolving exceptions.

Meet demand now with our ready-to-deploy solution

Upskill’s solution for order picking can be integrated into your retail or grocery fulfillment system and deployed immediately to help relieve the increasing demands for online orders.

A typical Skylight installation is comparable to traditional solutions, but drives a significant return on investment that pays back in months.

Fully customizable user experiences

From store-to-store, region-to-region, and customer-to-customer visual preferences change. With Skylight, each and every element of data can be laid out differently to meet your process requirements.

Simply edit the content in Skylight and re-deploy with the click of a button.

Unlock real-time data insights

Skylight has powerful integration hooks for work process insights and role-based views.

For store managers, you can visualize where picks are happening in the store, see trending pick rates, and where inventory is out of stock.

And like every application in Skylight, these views can run in glasses, or on your iOS or Android phones.

Want to go beyond vision picking?

Learn how augmented reality can be used broadly in retail and eCommerce


Process and prioritize orders by displaying kitting item lists in the logical order they should be retrieved

Loading and unloading

Keep workers’ heads up and prevent hazardous distractions during loading and unloading operations.


Accelerate new hire productivity by giving workers the ability to share their point of view to managers.

Cycle counting

Perform inventory audits faster by confirming item location data and taking photos hands-free.

In-store availability

Provide staff with real-time availability of stock inventory in the factory, or in the store, and be able to make orders

Enable self-service maintenance in stores

If a lightbulb is out, a toilet is clogged or a POS machine is down, the in-store customer experience can be greatly impacted. Most retailers commonly outsource the maintenance of these issues, but with Skylight retailers are now enabling in-store workers to fix these common issues themselves.

They can view how-to videos and maintenance checklists on smart glasses and mobile devices, and then call a remote expert if an issue still exists. Retailers are not only reducing downtime but also saving money with costly 3rd party providers.

Why choose Skylight?

Leading organizations across the world have trusted Skylight to deliver mission-critical applications for their workforce.