Supercharge your field service teams with Skylight

Use wearable computing and augmented reality to increase productivity, deliver better customer service, and adapt to the reality of today’s working environment.

Adapt to remote work policies and travel restrictions

Increase productivity in the field

Increase efficiency for veterans and accelerate ramp-up time for new employees by equipping them digital access to the information they need to their jobs.

Using Skylight, field workers can view maintenance procedures, specification, manuals, checklists, and inspections directly with-in their line-of-sight on smart glasses or with mobile devices.

Deliver unprecedented customer service

How Skylight works

Skylight Live Video Collaboration

  • Field workers can connect with remote colleagues and share a first-person point-of-view using smart glasses, mobile, or web browsers.
  • During a call, participants can remotely control the camera, capture photos, screen share, and draw live annotations to provide guidance or assistance.
  • Skylight can be integrated with CRM systems so call records and media can be automatically saved with a work order.

Guided Instructions in Skylight

  • Skylight can be integrated with management software or other systems that manage and store work orders, tasks, and procedures.
  • Field workers view maintenance procedures, specification, manuals, checklists, and inspections within line-of-sight on the smart glasses display or on mobile devices.
  • Voice commands can be used to input information or control the user interface. Additionally, Skylight can integrate with smart tools and IoT systems for data continuity.

KPN reduces field service operating costs by 11%

Wind Turbine Field Technician using Skylight augmented reality solution

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Why choose Skylight?

Leading organizations across the world have trusted Skylight to deliver mission-critical applications for their workforce.