Ace inspections with Skylight

Augmented reality helps inspectors, auditors and adjusters to get their jobs done faster and more accurately. They can view task instructions, checklists, troubleshooting procedures and get real-time video assistance from remote experts – all while keeping their eyes on the job and their hands free.

How inspections and audits work with Skylight


All of the procedures, specifications, inputs, and references images associated with an inspection are displayed within the user's line-of-sight on the smart glasses display.

Auditors are able to quickly query Skylight for additional information, record first-person POV photos and videos, and fill out forms and check boxes using natural voice commands.

Results of the inspection can be submitted back to your knowledge base through Skylights powerful integrations or API calls.

Meet demand now with our ready-to-deploy solution

Skylight can be rapidly configured and deployed for audit and technical inspection use cases.

Inspection apps can be built same day with no-code workflows, or be integrated into existing systems for an end-to-end digital record.

While Skylight enables workers to stay hands-free with smart glasses, it is also available on the smartphones or tablets you already have.

These key industry segments use Skylight today

Property Insurance

Equip adjusters in the field with tools to document claims digitally. Users also benefit from improved safety as they can keep their hands free while on the job.

Maritime & Aviation

Routine maintenance checklists are easily completed in the field with guided procedures and hands free notation.

Integrate with your existing maintenance knowledge base or work with Upskill to add OEM data sources.

Testing, Inspection, and Certification

Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) companies work to certify their customers meet government standards with the power of wearables to guide their inspection process.

Telecom & Utilities

Routine maintenance and inspection is performed on field equipment using Skylight to document and address issues found while doing rounds.

Why choose Skylight?

Leading organizations across the world have trusted Skylight to deliver mission-critical applications for their workforce.