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From airplanes and heavy machinery to pharmaceuticals and beverages, manufacturers are discovering the incredible benefits of a connected workforce.  Using augmented reality on smart glasses, employees can see electronic work instructions within their field of view while their hands are on their tools and attention is on their task. They are delighted at the modern interfaces and ease of use while employers benefit from increases in first time quality and output.

Support your manufacturing workforce with one AR solution

Skylight is a low-code development platform that helps businesses connect their workers directly to the systems that drive their business processes. With Skylight, your teams can interface with your manufacturing execution, kitting and other production systems applications to provide critical information to your workforce wearing smart glasses. Trusted by some of the world’s best companies, Skylight applications are the most flexible, customizable and easy to manage connected worker applications on the marketplace.

First time users of Skylight experience…

Performance improvement

Watch a side-by-side comparison of a GE technician using Skylight for the very first time vs. the current process for completing wiring insertions for a wind turbine.

How complex assembly works with Skylight


Information about each step of the assembly process is displayed within the user's line-of-sight on the smart glass display.

For dynamic builds, data comes from one or many simultaneous systems that are integrated with Skylight.

Voice commands can be utilized to input information or control the user interface. Additionally, Skylight can integrate with smart tools and IoT systems for data continuity.

These key industry segments use Skylight today


Pharma & Life Sciences


Consumer Packaged Goods

Case Study: Boeing cut production time by 25% and reduced errors to zero

Boeing employee wearing augmented reality smart glasses on the job.

“Wearable technology is helping us amplify the power of our workforce.”

– Randall MacPherson, Senior Manager at Boeing
Case Study

Jabil Production Line Operations

Case Study

GE Aviation Pilots AR to Cut Errors


Power to the People: 4 Use Cases

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