Skylight on Glass™ guides GE wind turbine technicians by overlaying top box wiring layup instructions digitally right in their line of sight via smart glasses, improving assembly time by 34%. Technicians can now use voice to quickly identify a wire and determine correct locations, cutting time and need to reference paper manuals.

Learn more about how Skylight can improve

  • First time quality by reducing errors
  • Tact time for tasks to drive worker productivity
  • New employee training and ramp-time

Side-by-side comparison of Skylight vs. GE’s current wiring process.

On average, industrial enterprises see a 32% performance improvement

Harvard Business Review (HBR) Manufacturing Article, Augmented Reality is Already Improving Worker Performance

Read in Harvard Business Review  how GE Renewables and other divisions within GE are seeing meaningful impact by adopting the Skylight platform with smart glasses now.  By investing now, companies can help solve the skills gap by improving worker efficiency and agility across in manufacturing, warehousing, and field service environments.