Move online grocery orders faster with Skylight

The demand for delivery and curbside grocery options has never been higher in the wake of COVID-19. Upskill’s vision picking solution for smart glasses is proven to help your team members pick faster and more accurately.

Increase pick rates with wearable technology

Skylight is Upskill’s industry leading platform for wearables and augmented reality with over 10+ deployments in retail stores and warehouses for G2000 customers.

Using Skylight vision picking, team members view pick information directly within their line-of-sight on smart glasses and scan using wirelessly connected wearable scanners. With their hands free, they can complete pick walks faster and more accurately without having to constantly pick up and put down a handheld device.

How order picking works with Skylight


Information about the item to pick such as the location, quantity, and picture are displayed within the user's line-of-sight on the smart glasses display.

Highlighted fields show the next required action (ex. scan the barcode on the tote). Team members use wearable scanners connected via Bluetooth.

Voice commands can be utilized for inputting quantities and resolving exceptions.

Meet demand now with our ready-to-deploy solution

Upskill’s solution for order picking can be integrated to your warehouse management system an deployed quickly to immediately help relieve the increasing demands for online grocery orders.

A typical Skylight installation is comparable to traditional solutions but drives a significant return on investment that pays back in months.

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