Registration for the Skylight Hackathon is now closed. We’ll share the winners in a few weeks!

How would you transform the way people work? Join us for Upskill’s virtual hackathon and use your JavaScript skills to build the most creative app for wearables and augmented reality devices for a chance to win one of three prizes totaling $8,500.

You’ll get access to Skylight, our low-code, enterprise app development platform for wearables, augmented reality and mobile devices. Organizations like Boeing and Accenture use Skylight to bring the hands-on workforce to the center of their digital transformation efforts by connecting them with the critical data and information they need to perform their work more efficiently and effectively.

All you need to participate in the hackathon is a computer and a basic knowledge of JavaScript. No need to know the ins and outs of mobile and smart glass development. Registration closes December 11th at 11:59pm ET. We’ll release the full hackathon challenge details to all registrants on December 13th.

Hackathon Details

When: December 14 – December 20

Where: The comfort of your own home

How: Use your existing Skylight domain or sign-up for our free Skylight Developer Edition when you register

Prizes: Enter for your chance to win one of three cash prizes totaling $8,500 or opt to donate to your favorite charity!

See the full rules and eligibility requirements for the Skylight Hackathon here.

Prize Pool Worth $8,500

We’ll be selecting three winning apps. Winners will be announced on January 4th.

1st Place: $5,000
2nd Place: $2,500
3rd Place: $1,000

More Things you Need to Know

Between now and the start of the hackathon, we encourage you to read through the Skylight documentation and get acquainted with the process of authoring applications with Skylight.

When we launch the hackathon week on 12/14, we’ll provide you with the context of a hypothetical enterprise ripe with opportunities for digitalization that you can use as a jumping-off point for a submission. Alternatively, you can model your application to address the challenges of your own industry of choice.

Throughout the hackathon, the Upskill Developer Community will stand ready to help you get through any challenges you may encounter.

What you Need

All you need is the following to participate:

  • A Skylight account enabled for next-gen applications (details on how to check below) or a Skylight Developer Edition account, which you can request for free as part of your hackathon registration
  • An up-to-date version of Google Chrome
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Optional: Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, Vuzix M400, or iPhone running the latest version of iOS. Don’t have any of these? No worries, you can use the Skylight Web Client to test your app.

How to Know if Your Skylight Domain is Enabled for Next-Gen Applications

  1. Log into your Skylight account
  2. Look in the upper-left corner of the screen
  3. If there is a downward pointing arrow for you to click on that exposes a menu allowing you to select between Legacy and Next-Gen Applications you you’re good to go.
  4. If you don’t see this arrow, your domain is not enabled for Next-Gen Applications. Either contact your account representative at Upskill or select “I need a free Developer Edition account” when you register for the hackathon.

Get Familiar with Skylight

Developer Docs

The Skylight Docs portal contains all of the information you need to easily start building Skylight-powered apps for smart glasses and mobile devices.


Quick Start Apps

Get started quickly with app templates for common use cases like picking, work instructions, remote assistance, wiring and more.


Developer Community

The Skylight Community is a place where you can ask questions, provide product suggestions, and discuss anything related to Skylight.