The smart glasses solution has tremendous potential to change our business operations. It’s having a direct impact on our costs and even more importantly, it allows us to better fulfill our mission of delivering the best possible customer service.

Is it possible to make field service support better and also cut costs? European telecom leader KPN has done just that—with augmented reality glasses powered with Skylight.

KPN has 3000 hard-working technicians in the field fixing base stations, cellular gear and other equipment. With Skylight, field staff can remain hands-free while accessing repair instructions, diagnostic data and remote expert assistance from headquarters.

The result? KPN’s field operations transformed, with a marked rise in repair speed and quality and a cut in field costs by 11%.

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Augmented reality for telecom companies case study: Telecom Leader KPN Cuts Field Tech Costs by 11 percent with Skylight AR Platform

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