“The smart glasses market is real and tangible for enterprises.”

How Enterprise Smart Glasses Will Drive Workforce EnablementThe enterprise smart glasses market is no longer a hazy, futuristic idea. Its impact is real and tangible for many leading companies — from aircraft manufacturers to call centers.  How far-reaching?  Forrester reports:

  • By 2025 — 8% of all US workers will use smart glasses in their jobs
  • In two years — 2.6 million workers in the US will be equipped with smart glasses
  • Through 2025 — more than $30 billion will be spent on smart glasses hardware

There’s a lot to know at this early stage in the enterprise smart glasses and Internet of Things (IoT) market. Whether you employ maintenance workers or aircraft mechanics, Upskill is uniquely positioned to help.

Download the Forrester Report and Forecast: “How Enterprise Smart Glasses Will Drive Workforce Enablement,” to learn why Forrester rated Upskill as the “largest and most prominent of a group of companies providing smart glasses applications.”