Skylight has the capability to become the industry pioneer and the de-facto standard

Frost & Sullivan Analyst ReportToday’s manufacturing employees need to work un-distracted and hands-free, using real-time actionable data to connect them with the rest of the enterprise. For manufacturers, automation and communication solutions are the key to converging the front- and back-end of the enterprise.

But which vendors are leading the pack? Analysts Frost & Sullivan have independently analyzed the market to identify which wearable solution makers are having the biggest impact. Here’s what their report had to say about rating Upskill, formerly APX Labs, and its Skylight technology as the market leader:

  • “Skylight has the capability to become the industry pioneer and the de-facto standard.”
  • “The ability of the platform to bring realistic and connected user experiences through a wearable system, hands free, is truly differentiated in the market.”
  • “With wearable devices becoming a natural fit with manufacturing, service, distribution and related sectors, the potential for Skylight’s growth is immense.”
  • “Skylight’s vision to build the industrial wearable ecosystem of the future speaks volumes of the company’s foresight and ability to capitalize on futuristic opportunities.”

Ready to learn more about this evolving market? Download the full report to learn the criteria and methodology used and how Upskill scored 9 (on a 10 point scale) to determine its Application Impact and Customer Impact.