Hands-on workers with smart devices are where the rubber meets the road

2016 Predictions: What's Next in Wearable TechnologyIn 2016 IoT, smart tools and big data for industry will come together in a real, tangible way, thanks to wearables. Completing this last-mile loop between people, machines, and data will be the most significant driver of the next wave of industrial change, investment, and innovation.

Download the report, “2016 Predictions: What’s Next in Wearable Technology,” to discover where the market for wearables is headed for the upcoming year.

What we’ll see in 2016

  • Slow motion collision of IoT and Wearables
  • The year of the Smart Factory
  • Wearable adoption grows 6X in enterprise
  • Wearables shake off Frankenstein and start to drive hardware design
  • Even the simplest things at work will get smarter
  • Next Year’s gifts will be touched by a wearable worker
  • Intel makes its presence felt in wearables