When Upskill’s executives aren’t busy transforming the future of work, they like to get out in the community and share their expertise with up-and-coming tech students and potential recruits. CTO and co-founder, Jeff Jenkins, recently joined a group of Georgetown University students for a recording of their podcast, “Students vs. Startups: Showdown on the Potomac,” which focuses on startup strategy, marketing, technology and beyond.

Jeff’s conversation covered the full gamut – Upskill’s inception, challenges, key partners, use cases for the Skylight augmented reality (AR) platform and much more. When discussing Skylight’s value proposition, Jeff explained how the technology empowers the workforce at the point of “hands-on” work. With access to data flowing through an enterprise’s backend systems, as well as reference materials, it is possible to dramatically increase efficiency, output quality and safety.

For example, Skylight is ideal for manufacturers with complex assembly tasks, like Boeing, which uses the solution to improve its wiring harness assembly process. Other use cases fall under the realms of logistics, field service and maintenance – “Think of the number of companies that have some sort of hands-on component associated with them…. there are a lot of applications throughout so many different industries,” Jeff noted.

To conclude the interview, the students asked Jeff what advice he would have given himself back in the early days of Upskill. Jeff said his biggest piece of advice involves “the power of focus.” He elaborated, “Especially if you have a technology that’s applicable to such a wide array of applications, it’s really important to get a foothold, to focus on one area, and notice what the common denominators are between the various different types of things that you can do, and emphasize that.”

Listen to the full conversation here.