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More and more organizations with a large hands-on workforce are looking to augmented reality and smart glasses to unlock great improvements on productivity, quality and operational efficiency. However, one of the biggest barriers to large-scale deployment is IT management headaches related to deploying hundreds to thousands of smart glasses without a centrally managed device solution in place. Starting this week, that challenge will be no longer for VMware Airwatch customers.

Creating a fully integrated mobility management solution

Over the last fifteen months, Upskill led discussions with Airwatch, the largest and most prominent enterprise mobility management provider globally, to make smart glasses deployment and management dramatically easier for IT administrators. Yesterday, at Connect 2016 conference, Airwatch officially announced that it will be building new features in collaboration with several hardware vendors, including Intel and VUZIX Corp, to support smart glasses into their VMware Airwatch enterprise mobility management platform.

To offer this type of capability at the device level is important and key, but we believe it isn’t enough. That’s why we have decided to extend Airwatch’s management capabilities into the Skylight platform, which powers the leading assisted reality applications on smart glasses. The result will be the first fully integrated enterprise mobility management solution for smart glasses available.

What largely drove our decision to do this was requests from customers like Boeing and other large, global companies, who are actively working on ways to transition from pilot implementations of smart glasses to support production-level deployment of smart glasses powered with our technology.

Reduced overhead, better standardization and more streamlined roll outs

We recognize that IT organizations play an important and significant role in the rollout of new devices. By offering direct access into our Skylight platform, we can unlock capabilities that dramatically reduce IT overhead associated with managing end-to-end configurations of smart glasses deployed at scale—and that is hugely important capability to not just the organizations we work with, but to the industry as a whole.

For organizations already using AirWatch, IT administrators will be able to more seamlessly manage smart glasses, ensure compliance with enterprise security policies, and configure user-specific variables – from a single touch point, under the same device management console. This provides enormous benefits including simplified workflows for initial deployment and post-deployment management of smart glasses, streamlined on-boarding experiences, network setup and application deployment, and minimizes enterprise security risk of deploying smart glasses through tightly coupled management, provisioning, blacklisting, and end-to-end data protection.

Upskill and Airwatch working together to serve enterprises globally

Our partnership with Airwatch is a direct result to our commitment to addressing the needs and requests of our customers, most of which are large, global organizations. These companies already have their own EMM solutions in place and this partnership allows seamless addition of smart glasses using the familiar tools.

Airwatch’s position in the market made it an obvious choice for focus, and we believe that in due time, other technology companies in the space will follow suit, and that will really go a long way in the mainstreaming of smart glasses across enterprises worldwide. It’s no surprise that reception to our presentations and demos at the Connect Mobility Expo has been tremendous.

This is a very important step forward for the industry and we are excited to be helping lead the way.