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A core part of Upskill’s mission is to lower the on-ramp for businesses to reap the benefits of augmented reality (AR), with minimal time and friction. Skylight’s evolution is closely tied to this mission. The Skylight Application Builder allows anybody to author procedures on the web with drag & drop capabilities. We have recently added support for more devices and experiences to Skylight, creating a software platform that enables the hands-on workers to choose the right device and experience for the job. We are making human-centric technology for the hands-on workforce more accessible by eliminating the need for specialized skill sets to bring this technology to life.

While we have traditionally focused our work and offering with customers who are already partly down their digital workforce transformation journey, we have had many requests to make Skylight available to those who are just getting started. Today, we are responding to that need with the launch of the Skylight Explorer program. Skylight Explorer is designed for those who are beginning their journey and/or those looking to add augmented reality to their existing strategy, offering 60 days of self-guided evaluation of basic Skylight features.

Here are some examples that Skylight Explorer customers can do in their evaluations:

  • Create a Skylight Application containing work procedures
  • Capture photos, videos, and audio notes at the point of work and share them to build on-the-job training materials
  • Work hands-free with voice commands (supported on smart glasses and Microsoft HoloLens)
  • Resolve issues on the fly by working with a remote expert, with in-session advanced annotation and document sharing (Skylight Live)
  • Try different devices and experiences to figure out the best combination for the task(s) at hand

With Skylight Explorer, there is no limit to the number of users, Skylight Applications, and different device types you can use. We do this specifically to encourage discovery to determine the highest value use cases that allow businesses to accelerate their journey.

We are also introducing a new way for businesses to begin working with Skylight in a self-guided fashion. This has been enabled through a number of targeted investments we have been making, such as:

  • Cloud delivery: no infrastructure to spin up. For our EU-based customers, a local instance to help comply with GDPR is available.
  • Bring your own device: we have invested in tools for Windows and macOS computing environments to install Skylight and configure the device to connect to Wi-Fi. Skylight is now available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store as well.
  • Credit card purchase on an easy way to get started with a simple form and a few clicks. Payment by purchase order is also available.
  • Web-based documentation with how-to videos: ranging from how to use the smart glasses we offer to specific Skylight feature walkthroughs for Skylight Application creators and administrators, our help materials guide you from the very beginning until you build, deploy, and use your first Skylight Application on a device of your choice.

Here it is in action:

For eligible customers, Skylight Explorer+ offers one on-site training and use case workshop in addition to the benefits of Skylight Explorer.

A common feedback we hear from those who are starting their AR journey is that the smart glasses they buy often don’t come with software that enable them to put the devices into their operations. Skylight Explorer is a great way to unlock even more value out of the devices you already own or are soon purchasing. We work with the best-of-breed AR manufacturers today, such as Microsoft, RealWear, Google, Vuzix and Epson, who are ready to deliver the devices to power your journey. In particular, RealWear, Vuzix, and Epson offer devices for sale on their website today – click on their names to learn more.

In addition to this exciting announcement, we have made updates to our website to better map out how to get started with Skylight and deploy it across your operations, with published pricing. With all this, there is no reason to delay the start of your journey.

We are committed to making it as seamless and frictionless as possible to quickly unlock what AR can do for your business.

Begin your AR journey today with Skylight.