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With the holidays upon us, warehouses have been working around the clock to handle peak retail demand. This means expanding workforces with seasonal employees who must quickly and reliably get up to speed so that they can complete complex order fulfillment tasks and follow standard procedures. When time is of the essence for solving talent and productivity challenges, augmented reality (AR) technology can help.

Upskill co-founder and CEO, Brian Ballard, recently discussed with Inbound Logistics how AR delivered via smart glasses can alleviate seasonal woes. In a contributed article, Ballard shares how this technology smooths the integration between people, data and machines in the smart, connected warehouse, offering the potential to generate rapid ROI in scenarios involving training temporary workers.

Specifically, AR on smart glasses can provide workers of varying skill levels with real-time access to visual information, digital documents, human expertise, enterprise systems and step-by-step guidance. This simplifies the training process and supports better retention of information because the trainee is performing the task as they are learning it. As a result, new and seasonal workers can get up to speed faster, while operating with greater productivity and accuracy.

Ballard notes that the benefits of AR do not stop at training season workers – a well-architected AR system can address other issues of productivity, safety and efficiency in the warehouse year-round using the same basic platform and hardware.

Read Ballard’s full article, “How AR Can Take the Sting Out of Seasonal Surge Training Costs,” here.

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