Organizations in nearly every industry are keeping a close eye on the successes reported by large, industrial companies using augmented reality (AR) technology. At the center of these conversations is Upskill, whose Skylight AR platform on Glass (and other leading wearable devices) is driving game-changing results across enterprises. PCMag recently spoke with Upskill Chief Strategy Officer Jay Kim about some of these AR customer successes, highlighting the ways AR technology is changing hands-on work.

“Enterprise buyers look at every edge they can attain to maintain their competitive advantage over others,” Kim told PCMag. “With AR, we’ve been able to drive very powerful outcomes with a number of our customers across every facet of what the hands-on workforce does, in the factory, in the manufacturing environment, out in the field and in warehouses.”

For example, a worker in a GE Renewable Energy factory using Skylight on Glass for the first time assembled the wiring of a wind turbine’s electrical cabinet 34 percent faster than when using a traditional instruction manual. Similarly, Boeing increased productivity by 25 percent in its highly complex wiring harness assembly process and drove its error rate effectively to zero. Coca-Cola is also using Upskill’s solution to provide hands-free remote assistance for maintenance tasks, thereby reducing downtime in its bottling facilities.

Read the full article, “How augmented reality is transforming work,” here.

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