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It’s been a busy summer for Upskill’s partner programs. In July, we established a new partnership with Europe’s I2 Industrial Innovation, and announced the release of our Skylight enterprise augmented reality (AR) platform on Epson’s Moverio BT-350 ANSI Edition smart glasses. The latter partnership, as covered by Field Service News, will give our customer base more choices for bringing high quality, industrial-grade AR devices to their operations.

The field services industry is one that will benefit the most from these tightly integrated solutions. Designed to be worn in environments that require safety glasses, the Moverio BT-350 ANSI model includes indoor and outdoor safety shields that meet ANSI Z87.1 safety certification requirements. Coupled with Skylight, these smart glasses will help users in the field ensure safety on every service call, while accelerating repair times, reducing travel costs, improving customer satisfaction and more quickly upskilling employees.

For example, using Skylight on Epson’s smart glassses, a technician repairing equipment on a hazardous oil rig can access real-time data and processes to perform their tasks more efficiently – all while remaining hands free. Field service technicians can also receive live video assistance from remote experts to troubleshoot issues more rapidly, without ever having to turn to a cumbersome paper manual.

As Epson’s Michael Leyva, product manager, augmented reality solutions, commented, “We’re confident that addressing this workplace safety requirement and collaborating with Upskill, will enable enterprises to accelerate smart glasses adoption across the workforce.”

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