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With 25 percent of field service technicians expected to use augmented reality (AR) by 2020, it is an opportune time for this market to closely assess the potential impact of the technology. Upon sharing Upskill’s top five AR predictions for 2018, CEO and co-founder, Brian Ballard spoke with Field Technologies Online’s editor, Sarah Nicastro, to clarify some of the hype and shed light on AR’s impact on the field services industry.

We believe that field services, along with logistics, will take the lead in AR adoption this year. This is because these AR-powered applications tend to have a high degree of solution repeatability, as well as less infrastructure turnover requirements than their manufacturing counterparts. In addition, field service environments have built friendliness towards mobile computing and cloud-delivered software, and have a handful of use cases that can be supported with little to no system and process integration.

Brian explains that AR will help field service when it comes to training and workforce collaboration. With AR like Upskill’s Skylight, delivered on smart glasses, field service workers can receive information from centralized areas, collect it and feed it to other employees to benefit the entire workforce. And, to streamline training, AR allows workers to receive incremental, immersive and “on-the-job” instructions with instantaneously available information to expedite and improve learning.

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