As the mid-way point of 2018 approaches, it is a great time to observe some of the trends in enterprise augmented reality (AR) that are helping manufacturers transition into the Industry 4.0 era. Brian Ballard, Upskill’s CEO and co-founder, recently mapped out these trends in a contributed article in Manufacturing Business Technology.

First, Ballard touts that enterprise AR is helping the world’s top brands create and deliver products and services with greater efficiency and quality. Large manufacturers are finally moving away from the pilot phases of AR projects and are adopting AR as part of their broader strategy.

Second, Ballard shares how field service and logistics are driving wider AR adoption, largely due to the intrinsic repeatability of their AR applications. He encourages manufacturers to explore use cases within their warehousing, material handling, and equipment maintenance operations.

Third, Ballard notes that creating AR applications is becoming easier than ever before, thanks to the emergence of AR toolkits, like Upskill’s Skylight Software Development Kit (SDK). These tools allow “non-technical” people to create new AR experiences with little to no programming knowledge.

Fourth, Ballard emphasizes voice as the primary AR interaction paradigm, allowing workers to use speech to interact with AR-powered wearables while remaining hands-free on the job.

Lastly, Ballard believes that the sky is the limit for how manufacturers will use AR to deliver rich, real-time information that helps workers complete tasks faster and with greater quality. These capabilities are driven by investments in AR by the consumer realm, as tech giants like Google and Apple are unveiling new toolkits that will open new opportunities for AR, VR and MR content.

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