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You don’t have to be a leading-edge organization or part of an industry that is aggressively adopting augmented reality (AR) to find practical ways to use the technology and quickly solve difficult business challenges. Creative use cases make headlines each day, pointing to a legitimate uptick in comfort and adoption by enterprises, their stakeholders and employees.

CIO’s Paul Heltzel packaged up a compelling slideshow featuring nine AR technology implementations to make the case that “AR is no longer a future tech dream; it has become a realistic, game-changing tool for visualizing data in industries from engineering and manufacturing to construction and healthcare.”

The application of AR to cut costs, bring new products to market, improve collaboration between remote teams and visualize problems before they emerge in the real world is seemingly endless. A fantastic example is Boeing’s use of Upskill’s Skylight AR platform, as highlighted in CIO’s slideshow. Technicians armed with Skylight and the Enterprise edition of Glass quickly assemble complex wiring harnesses on jet engines, resulting in a 25 percent improvement in productivity.

An added perk of an AR solution on smart glasses (especially in an industry predicated on the use of one’s hands) is that more time and energy can be spent on the task at hand (no pun intended). No longer do workforces need to spend time pulling up schematics, fumbling through paper manuals or waiting for experts to arrive on the scene for guidance.

Need a better understanding of how Upskill can help your organization experience similar results? Watch this on-demand webinar for an in-depth overview of our Skylight platform. And, check out the full CIO slideshow, with Upskill and Boeing’s use case on slide 7, here.