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First it was Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Then it was Bring Your Own Wearable (BYOW). Now we’re adding another – BYOE. Bring Your Own Expert.

With on-demand resources and always-on connectivity, our workforces can be connected in ways never before imagined. BYOE is a rising trend, thanks to advanced technology and tools. Now we can simultaneously have fewer boots on the ground and more experts in place through streaming video technologies, connected devices, and wearables.

BYOD ushered in a new era of mobility for professionals based in the field, like insurance adjusters, field service technicians, and inspectors. Before, processes were slow and prone to error and inefficiency, meaning more time spent visiting a site, correcting information collected, or repairing a piece of equipment. Employees waited for information to do their jobs.

The introduction of connected cameras, tablets, and smartphones changed that. No longer was the field reliant on data given to them either at the beginning of the day or worse, the week or month. Employees could access information from almost anywhere, at any time; entire industries reaped the rewards of a perennially connected staff.

Field technicians could resolve more issues the first time they were dispatched. Insurance adjusters could take digital photos and transfer to their computer thereby saving time on reporting and shortening the time between FNOL and settlement. Managers on the manufacturing floor were able to submit repair and maintenance tickets in real time, decreasing downtime and increasing productivity.

Much of BYOD’s benefits have been realized thus far, but there is huge headroom yet. Too often, a case in the field requires a second set of eyes–the first-responding professional may need guidance, certification, or just an expert second opinion. Hence, there’s a need for BYOE–an efficient and ubiquitous way to access expertise in the field the same way field professionals connect with stored information. Luckily, the backbone of this movement is already in place: the smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses that field professionals already carry are the perfect portal to BYOE.

With an expert on demand, one veteran supervisor can groom several mid-level insurance adjusters at once, all from the home office. It’s empowerment.

The new hire sent out on their own for the first time feels more comfortable because they can always connect with home base if they get in over their heads. It’s guidance and supervision.

A trainee’s work needs to be assessed and graded by a team leader? No problem, just “beam” them in. It’s scalability.

And in that latter example comes the largest value of all: when knowledge and expertise become distributable resources, the enterprise can leverage them to create a competitive advantage.

Your supervisors need to travel, but mine can help four field inspectors at once, from their office? That’s an edge that’s hard to beat. That’s the potential found with BYOE. That’s the soon-to-be reality that will change the face of work forever.