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It’s amazing what you can build in a day with Skylight. Last week we hosted an internal hackathon to put Upskill’s newly released Next-Gen Skylight applications to the test and see what our teams could come up with. The theme was “What can you do now?” We asked our internal teams to create a Skylight application or integration that used newly released features to make Skylight do something they hadn’t seen before or wasn’t easy or perhaps even possible to do with prior versions. The winner got bragging rights on Slack. 

The team had a day to build their Skylight application and then present to the company. Six different groups submitted their ideas ranging from practical applications to applications just for fun – all with the goal of seeing what was now possible with the newest features released.  

Here’s a recap of what they built. 

Dynamic Localization 

Submitted by: Chris Delvizis 

Localization is top of mind for a lot of our customers as their supply chain and employees are spread out across the globe. There are some cases where a developer would need to author a single application that supports users that speak different languages. This application serves as a recipe for dynamically selecting the language/text for a work instruction based on the user’s preferred language setting in their user profile. Using the new view/title description feature and the newly exposed user.locale object, this entry shows how much easier it is to localize without building multiple applications or multiple languages. 

Search Enhanced Workflow 

Submitted by: Jeff Jenkins 

Soon Skylight will include a set of built-in voice search features that will make it easier to implement voice search functionality. This entry shows how developers with a few lines of script can accomplish customized voice search using Skylight’s TextInput function which now supports speech-to-text on supported devices. This entry modified the Workflow Quick Start application and added a global search command that could be accessed at any time simply by saying “search” (or selecting it from the application menu). The user can then speak any phrase and the modified application would search the text of the associated workflow, highlighting each instance of that term that it found. Very handy if you’re scrolling through a long workflow for a particular step that involves a specific component… and it took less than 10 lines of script to implement! 

Video Inspector 

Submitted by: Lee Hendricks, Willy Farrell and Mark Troutfetter 


Some inspection processes require many steps and it’s not always feasible to quickly capture failures and other anomalies. This application allows someone to take videos that are then transcribed and processed on the fly to flag videos where the user says something failed. It also enables them to show highlights from the video based on what the user says as static images back into the inspection. 


Submitted by: Alexey Mironov, Johny Johnson and Shivam Vachhani 

In the midst of the current pandemic, companies are having to determine how to bring employees back to the office or try to determine how to maintain safe social distancing on the factory floor. This application helps to drive distancing around the office via QR scans at each location. Color coding from green (empty) to red (full) shows how crowded the room is and help managers optimize flow within the space. Using the following sequence, each person’s location is tracked inside an office: 1) User changes their location; 2) User scans QR code containing information about the new room/place; 3) New user location will be shown on SVG floor map. Managers can see a real-time view of room occupancy using the web client, remove access to a room for disinfection, and open it back up for use once it’s been cleaned. 


Submitted by: Alexey Olhovskiy and Mykyta Shupyliuk 

This entry focused on expanding how colleagues can communicate with each other individually and in a group. It took advantage of many new Skylight features, including group calling, participant API, messaging, data adapters, session management and media management to create an experience similar to Slack, but on smart glasses. 


Submitted by: Peter Lipman, Andrew Sugaya, Aqil Khan, Arik Yaacob, Paul Setlak and John Schwinghammer 

This entry has a little fun and shows some new speech-to-text functionality. Google Dialogflow (a chatbot) gives song recommendations after a conversation, Skylight pulls down song lyrics and then tests the lyrics accuracy with speech-to-text. While this specific app is best saved for office karaoke, the concept can be used across a variety of use cases. 


And the winner is….. UpSlack 

UpSlack took the prize due to its high use of new features and super fun presentation to the rest of the team.

Now it’s your turn! Show us what you’d build in Skylight during our virtual hackathon taking place December 14-20. More details and registration info here. Registration closes 12/11 at 11:59pm ET.