Now that Glass is back in the public eye, Upskill is shedding light on the profound impacts the technology has been making in the enterprise market over the past few years. Upskill’s most recent examples comes from GE Aviation, which is piloting Skylight on Glass Enterprise Edition. Connected to a Wi-Fi-enabled torque wrench, the solution helps mechanics ensure proper tightening of b-nuts that seal fluid lines on jet engines.

Here’s how it works: Through Glass, Skylight alerts the mechanic when it’s time to use a torque wrench. Once the wrench begins applying torque, it shares the information with the Skylight server. Skylight then tells the mechanic if the right amount of torque is applied, and then verifies the correct value in real time. In addition, Skylight digitally tracks results. Once the nut is tightened, Skylight takes a photo and records the final torque value. This creates a digital audit trail and allows GE Aviation to provide instant quality control on future projects.

Using the solution, GE Aviation could potentially save millions of dollars by minimizing errors, improving product quality and increasing mechanic efficiency. In fact, GE Aviation has reported an average efficiency improvement of 8-12 percent, as workers no longer have to stop what they are doing, check manuals or consult an expert to verify that they are correctly torqueing the bolts.

Check out GE Reportsarticle, “Smart Specs: OK Glass, Fix This Jet Engine,” to learn more.

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