To a young software engineer, a career in enterprise technology may not sound as sexy as a career in the consumer technology industry. But, as a leader in game-changing augmented reality (AR) software, Upskill begs to differ. Our CTO, Jeff Jenkins, recently shared his thoughts with DC on attracting rising talent to the enterprise software development realm, which can be just as exciting as its consumer counterparts.

Heavily involved in Upskill’s recruiting efforts, Jenkins sees many engineers expressing a desire to engage in meaningful work. He advises enterprise technology companies to demonstrate how their solutions are making real-world impacts and changing the way businesses overcome challenges. For example, Upskill’s Skylight AR platform is helping today’s industrial giants, like Boeing and GE, increase worker performance and productivity.

Jenkins also emphasizes the importance of allowing engineers to use their development tools of choice (when possible), fostering teamwork and maintaining transparency at the executive level. Lastly, Jenkins suggests that enterprise tech companies let their engineers “build cool stuff.” If organizations give them that opportunity, they won’t have to worry about turnover, and more readily build a team of creative, smart and passionate engineers.

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