The MRO industry has been a key adopter of enterprise augmented reality (AR) solutions, with use cases involving technician training, remote collaboration and more. Inside MRO observes that the industry’s interest in AR will only continue to grow, given the recent financial investments MROs and OEMs have made in AR technology providers. In exploring this trend, the publication highlighted Upskill’s latest funding round in which the enterprise AR leader raised $17.2 million.

The recent funding round brought support from first-time investors Accenture and Cisco, as well as return investors GE Ventures and Boeing Horizon X. Both GE and Boeing have experienced success with Upskill’s Skylight AR platform. Last year, GE Aviation ran a pilot using Skylight on Glass, along with a Wi-Fi enabled torque wrench, to ensure bolts on aircraft are properly tightened. GE Aviation saw an average efficiency improvement of 8-12 percent among mechanics using the solution.

In addition, Boeing completed a successful pilot program using Skylight to simplify the wiring harness assembly process. This resulted in a 25 percent improvement in production time and lowered error rates effectively to zero. Boeing is also using Skylight for applications within manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and distribution.

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