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First introduced in 2012, Skylight has been the most established end-to-end enterprise AR platform in the market, with a growing portfolio of compelling results told by our own customers.

Five years in software, particularly in an industry as dynamic as augmented reality and enterprise wearables, is a lifetime. Tons of new capabilities that were previously inaccessible to us have been introduced in that time, which stand to increase our own development velocity as well as to deliver a more fully featured and robust product as the AR industry moves through the Gartner hype cycle.

Behind the scenes, our engineers worked diligently for most of 2017 to totally re-engineer Skylight, applying the latest advances in technology. Upskill’s experience in deploying smart glasses to many of the largest companies in the world is second to none, and the operational and market insights we have gathered over the last five years are also incorporated in this release. The goal was to make AR and the benefits of working hands-free more accessible, scalable and flexible.

Upskill augmented reality platform

Skylight now offers two product tiers – Core and Enterprise – that cover the full spectrum of use cases, deployment environments, and integration needs. We’ve built this offering in a way that allows customers to get started as quickly as possible, provide an easy upgrade path as the deployments expand and mature, and deploy in multiple IT environments ranging from our newly available SaaS option to on-premise (and everything in between).

While there is growing appreciation amongst businesses that AR can improve their operations, being able to build the initial proof points within their own environment is a multi-layered process. Navigating the landscape and identifying the right companies to partner with is a time-consuming process, and the effort, money, and time needed to build that initial business case to bring AR into your operations can be overwhelming. Our team can help you get there.

Skylight has always been a platform of choice for large enterprises needing to deeply integrate AR with their existing data and systems. This is because our platform approach delivers support for the leading smart glasses in the market powered by a common integration using our SDK and powers multiple applications from a common installation, allowing for easy expansion of use cases.

We now offer more out of the box features that lower the complexity of building, supporting and scaling AR, regardless of where businesses are on their journey. They include:

  • Skylight Application Builder: A simple, drag-and-drop interface and library of UI cards that allow non-technical personnel to quickly build Skylight Applications based on existing processes. This can reduce time-to-market and development costs associated with identifying and piloting new AR use cases across an organization.
  • Skylight Connect: A tool that enables immediate, codeless integration of Skylight with common databases and web services. With Skylight Connect, customers can deploy new Skylight Applications that tap into enterprise systems while reducing complexity, support, and maintenance costs for IT.
  • Skylight SDK: An all-new software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to use common programming methods, languages, and toolsets to rapidly build a deeper level of control and customization of Skylight Applications.
  • Skylight Live: A comprehensive suite of new live HD video collaboration tools built into the Skylight experience to allow workers to solve issues faster and improve outcomes. Added features include remote camera zoom and capture, and annotation on shared documents and snapshots. This is an incorporation of Pristine’s EyeSight product, which Upskill acquired alongside a very talented team in Austin this May.

Leading into our public launch this past October, Upskill worked with a handful of customers and partners to further refine the product and gather feedback. Reception has been universally positive, with many pointing out the ease of use across the board and the speed at which they are able to develop applications and validate their use cases. Here are a few things our beta customers have said:

“The new release of Skylight will allow our teams to further capitalize on the new opportunities the technology presents and enable rapid integration of more use cases across the GE network.” – Sam Murley, EHS Digital Acceleration Leader at GE

“Upskill has adapted the platform for scale and ease of use in industrial applications. We work with global clients who are looking to utilize AR technology to help manage complex operations across teams and geographies. Leveraging an AR solution that is enterprise-ready and flexible provides the essential building blocks we need to customize AR applications and workflows on the fly, decrease development cycles and deliver accelerated results.” – Joe Fitzgerald, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

As we begin a new chapter for Upskill with the release of our next generation of Skylight, I would be remiss if I didn’t put the spotlight on our team. I am incredibly proud of their tireless work to deliver a world-class product poised to bring AR to the mainstream. In particular, the engineering team has made the impossible happen by juggling feature requests to support existing customer deployments and working to build the next generation product. I’m glad to finally share their accomplishments with the rest of the world.

-Jay Kim, Chief Strategy Officer

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