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Recon Instruments, an Intel company, and Upskill (formerly APX Labs) announced a combined wearable-technology solution for enterprises looking to transform field service, maintenance, and manufacturing jobs. This solution, which combines Upskill’s Skylight software platform with Recon’s Jet smart eyewear, is ready to be deployed today. Recon and Upskill will also be demonstrating Skylight on Recon Jet in Intel’s booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Skylight, a full enterprise wearables software suite, running on Recon Jet, a cost-effective smart-eyewear platform optimized for high-intensity environments, allows workers to connect to back-end systems, control smart tools and machines, and collaborate remotely with colleagues. By deploying Recon Jet with Skylight, enterprises can immediately leverage the benefits of smart eyewear to improve process efficiency, reduce equipment downtime, increase production quality, and lower costs.

Skylight on Jet enables the deskless workforce to access task-critical information while keeping their eyes and hands on the job. Those workers can use Recon Jet’s integrated point-of-view camera to obtain live expert help, allowing tasks to be performed more effectively and accurately. The Skylight user experience on Recon Jet smart eyewear minimizes the interruptions and frustrations workers experience as they access the information needed to complete their daily tasks.

“We’re excited about transforming the deskless workplace with smart eyewear,” said Dan Eisenhardt, General Manager of Head Worn Devices at Intel Corporation. “This integration is pivotal to our smart-eyewear strategy, which is to drive adoption in every use case where smart eyewear can change the game—both in the consumer space and in the enterprise. We’re eager to help enterprise customers leverage the benefits of smart eyewear, and we’re fully committed to grow our partnership with APX Labs.”

“Delivering exceptional value in the enterprise has always been Upskill’s mission,” said Brian Ballard, co-founder and CEO of Upskill. “That’s why this partnership was forged and why we’re so optimistic about what’s to come. There are millions of workers whose daily work can be simplified and done faster with less frustration. That is what drives exceptional business outcomes, and Recon Jet is an essential device to open up this potential.”

Conceived and built for both enterprise users and endurance athletes, Recon Jet combines a smartphone-class wearable computer, an Android-based operating system, and an LCD display positioned just below the user’s right eye. These components are integrated into a highly adjustable, water-resistant, and modular smart-eyewear device that allows users to swap in spare battery packs and impact-resistant lenses.

Upskill’s Skylight is the most comprehensive and widely used software platform for enterprise wearables. Skylight’s industry-leading extensibility has yielded a growing ecosystem of established partners and developers. Skylight has helped enterprises realize significant operational benefits, and it was recently recognized by industry analyst Frost & Sullivan as the leading software solution for enterprise wearables.

Recon Jet with Skylight is available today. To get started, please contact Upskill or visit