General Electric Corp. (GE) is one of the world’s most innovative companies, so the fact that it’s leading the enterprise wearables revolution by bringing smart glasses into its manufacturing operations should come as no surprise. As part of a pilot program across several areas of business, the company is using Upskill’s Skylight platform to deliver critical information to workers in a useful, visual manner through augmented reality (AR) headsets.

When GE’s Vice-President of Manufacturing Industries, Paul Boris, spoke with IT World Canada recently, he remarked on just how quickly the Skylight platform is changing the way the company makes everything, from wind turbines to medical devices. Boris predicts in three to five years, every person on the plant floor will have a wearable device to help them do their job.

And, it’s not hard to see why Boris is so bullish in his prediction. Jeff Jenkins, Upskill co-founder and CTO, is also quoted in the article describing efficiency increases from 30 to 50 percent the first time a worker uses the Skylight platform. Upskill routinely speaks with companies that adopt Skylight and see a 30-percent increase in quality output and 20-percent better resource utilization.

To learn more about how GE is working with Upskill to empower its workforce with wearables, check out IT World Canada’s article.

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