Success with hands-free solutions in the enterprise is a team effort

We’ve all read about it; wearable devices are taking off in the enterprise. Whether it is smart glasses or smart watches, there are millions of workers who need information while having hands on their work.  While the percentage of wearables being used in the enterprise today is staggering, getting your enterprise up and running with apps or platforms that integrate smart glasses and smart watches can be a bit challenging. There are quite a few factors enterprises consider when planning for a successful wearable workforce strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, environmental barriers, like IT requirements, and training the workforce to maximize adoption. This article speaks to how the users, developers, business leaders, and IT administrators can integrate smart devices into their workplaces, based on lessons we at APX have learned out in the field.

Enter the Skylight Nation – A partner enablement program

Skylight Nation LogoOver the past few years, we have built up quite an amount of experience collaborating with the hands-on workforce. We also partner with and learn  from the world’s leading systems integrators (“SI”) and independent software vendors (“ISV”). These SI and ISV partners are part of what we call the  “Skylight Nation” as we mutually benefit from the insights gained from direct customer engagement proof points and product feedback.

We aim not only to give our partners and customers the building blocks to build and compete in the wearables space, we also give you access to our team. We gained tremendous amounts of knowledge and valuable insight from launching numerous pilot programs and  it’s important for us to pass on these best practices to our customers going forward. Interfacing with APX’s Customer Solutions team makes our partners and customers successful because we are:

  • Driven to make partner’s self sufficient
  • Listening and responding continuously

As you probably guessed, Skylight Nation is derived from Skylight, our software solution for wearable devices that provides support for bridging connected systems with the hands on worker. There are lots of benefits of being part of the Skylight Nation, such as long term strategic alignment to support the customers’ business case for wearables and share case studies from customers in the field.  

Introducing Skylight U – A Skylight on wearables training program

Skylight University LogoSkylight U is a developer, user, business leader and administrator training program hosted by APX. It aligns our partners with the content and tools  needed during the life cycle of a successful wearable implementation in the enterprise. Participants of Skylight U training events get access to our SDK, development tools, and hands on training.

For developers, the Skylight U is an opportunity to bring the use case to reality. Developers learn how Skylight, integrated with a back-end data source, empowers the wearable equipped worker with information as they need it on the job. Earlier this year we held our premier Skylight U event. This two-day, hands-on training certified a dozen of our developer partners. These partner developers interfaced with APX Labs engineers and learned our approach to designing and developing for wearable devices such as extending ERP systems to talk to a Skylight server and sending content from a Skylight powered wearable to the backend ERP system.

For our business leaders, we spent a day this summer together sharing the success stories in the various industries we work in. During this one-day seminar, we also share ideas on the implementations their customers are exploring and dive into common scenarios and workflows best suited to the wearable device equipped hands-on workforce.

Our admins, support and core IT, dubbed “Skylight Guides,” interface closest with the workforce. As the first in line to help maximize user adoption, APX Labs continuously engages with our Guides to help eliminate inefficiencies in the implementation and help drive the business case for key decision makers. They are given hands on training for managing Skylight, supporting Skylight users and socializing feedback back to the Customer Solutions team at APX Labs.

Training & Certification Programs: Making you self-sufficient
Skylight Certified LogoSkylight U is the most common course to certify our partners. APX Certified partners can brag of innovating in the wearable space with access to marketing materials, on-demand online training content, market research and case studies, as well as periodic technical and business webinars. For our developers, we support a live sandbox environment to test ideas and demo complete scenarios.

Today, 1 in 5 workers in the world can benefit from smart glasses. Our partners and clients see that creating a connected workforce is a valuable opportunity and so with our help, they are well positioned to lead their markets by differentiating themselves against the competition by developing solutions for the hands-on workforce with Skylight software.

Interested in learning more about being part of Skylight Nation? Contact us today