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When we took our new name, Upskill, this past January, it was timed with a change we saw in the underlying market dynamics. Companies across the globe were no longer simply testing wearables within a sandbox, but instead deploying real, scalable uses of augmented reality (AR) across a variety of operational areas and functions to deliver immediate material value and competitive advantage for their businesses.

It was proven that skill, and therefore productivity, could be improved with wearables through the information access and collaboration they provided. This critical proof point sat in contrast to a voice across the world clamoring about flatlined industrial productivity.

Many proofs of value shared by the likes of The Coca-Cola Company, GEKPN, and Jabil, and others have turned into the bellwethers for the enterprise wearables market and also for next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. Those market signals were also what led to our Series B last month, where long-time customers like Boeing and GE invested not only into Upskill but into the vision of a connected workforce. One that is clearly not so far off in the future.

And it’s not only closer in, but it is far bigger, and so much more critical to the competitiveness of the modern industrial workforce than we had imagined.

To keep up with the pace of the opportunity and deliver the best value possible to our customers, it’s vital that we innovate faster and build a team that can scale to meet demand. We look for game changers in their industry segments and trailblazers with significant experience in wearable technology. Every day we set out to build the best team possible to tackle the demands of our customers. With that, I’m very happy to welcome Pristine, another leader in the wearable revolution, to the Upskill team.

Pristine, one of the other four original “Glass at Work” partners has been innovating in remote collaboration space since 2013 and is known for its flagship product, EyeSight, which provides a best-in-class “see what I see” video streaming capabilities for remote experts. And while their technology is impressive, it was their team’s expertise and their customers’ testament for Pristine’s problem solving that sealed the deal.

What this all means is that now with the addition of Pristine, Upskill is even better positioned respond to new opportunities and build new AR capabilities more efficiently than ever. Expect our features to come faster and the expertise we bring our mutual and future customers be broader.