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Upskill’s commitment is to deliver operational flexibility for Skylight developers and users by providing support for a diverse set of smart glasses in the market today.  We’ve built up a talented team of multidisciplinary engineers who can leverage our flexible and scalable product architecture to rapidly build in support for new devices and their full set of features to power industry leading user experiences. 

Upskill delivers against this commitment through building deep partnerships with smart glasses manufacturers across the world, often months ahead of when products are unveiled or announced.  Oftentimes, we are fortunate to receive early access to working samples and engineering prototypes and/or the SDK.  In some cases, our opinions are sought during R&D and product planning phases for manufacturers to better align their devices for the killer enterprise scenarios. 

We do all this so that Skylight will run on new smart glasses devices on launch day.  We deeply believe this is important for our customers, as a broad deployment of smart glasses will span numerous operational scenarios and different job roles, necessitating glasses of different form factor and feature sets.  Right tool for the right job. 

The latest partnership we launched is with Sony at CES around their SmartEyeglass device.  This represents Sony’s entry into the market, and what was shown at CES is an evolution of the prototypes shown at CES 2014 and IFA.  Of all the announced and shipping smart glasses we have seen, Sony’s holographic waveguide technology is some of the very best yet.  The image truly does feel like it’s floating in space with no perceptive difference between the augmented content and the rest of the world.  If this is the start of what’s around the corner for Sony, we can’t wait to see how this technology will evolve in short time. 

Of course, an important part of this is SAP, a long time Upskill partner who we collaborate across multiple product and solution offerings.  We partnered with Sony to showcase a demo of how Skylight brings mission critical and contextually relevant information from Work Manager and HANA to and from the hands-on workforce on SmartEyeglass.  Thanks to the SAP Startup Focus team for their unconditional support in making this successful! 

We have always believed that Skylight is the glue that connects the smart glasses to rest of the enterprise.  This will fundamentally change how work is done across the world.  We’re extremely excited by this new partnership, and taking a big step towards fully realizing our vision.