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The reemergence of Glass as an enterprise technology continues to make headlines and has exceeded industrial expectations. In a recent article for New Equipment Digest, writer John Hitch predicts that Glass Enterprise Edition will not fizzle out any time soon – Glass finally got it right. Yet, he notes that the real winners in the “relaunch” are companies like Upskill, whose software is driving success with Glass in industrial settings.

Upskill CEO and co-founder, Brian Ballard, spoke with Hitch, emphasizing how Glass has been quietly impacting large manufacturers’ operations during the devices’ public hiatus. In one of several pilots at General Electric (GE), GE Aviation mechanics yielded an 8-12 percent efficiency improvement in torquing B-nuts to seal critical jet engine fluid lines and hoses. Using Upskill’s Skylight on Glass, paired with a Wi-Fi-enabled torque wrench, mechanics ensure bolts are neither too tight nor too loose, preventing disastrous and costly results.

As GE Aviation demonstrated, Skylight on Glass Enterprise Edition allows workers to focus on what they do well, rather than trying to memorize instructions from a manual, Ballard notes. And, workforces who use the solution have given a positive response. In a survey following the GE Aviation pilot, 85 percent of mechanics said that the system is easy to use and believed the system will reduce manufacturing errors.

To read more, check out New Equipment Digest’s article, “Google Glass 2.0 Shatters Industrial Expectations,” here.

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