It might seem cliché to say that people are the most important part of your business, but that statement stills rings true. Despite the influx of automation technology changing the manufacturing world, your hands-on workers–the people at the frontlines handling everything from building and assembly, to logistics and handling, to maintenance and repair–are more important than ever.  They serve as the link between your data and equipment. Even more vital is upskilling those workers, especially in light of the industry’s talent shortage crisis.

A solution to ensuring your workforce has the right skillset and training to help your business thrive is already available today. Wearables, and in particular, smart glasses, empower workers to drive greater overall productivity, safety and quality in a number of ways. For example, workers wearing a Recon Jet Pro or Vuzix m300 powered with our enterprise software platform, Skylight, can instantly access actionable information directly from within existing data sets, such as your MES or WHS, right into their line of sight. They can bring up work instructions, videos and images with simple gestures or voice commands, while remaining hands-free.

Experienced workers can also capture “tribal knowledge” and record procedures through their smart glasses. Greener workers can then access these recording during on-the-job training. Plus, using smart glasses on the shop floor can equip workers with critical information to help them do more with less, while improving workflows and Overall Effectiveness Efficiency (OEE).  

There is a tremendous opportunity to use smart glasses to upskill your business and bridge the talent gap, and there are numerous ways to do so. To learn more, check out CEO and co-founder Brian Ballard’s article in Manufacturing Today, here.