It’s been a little more than two weeks since we formally rebranded as “Upskill.” While we’ve long been a proponent for empowering the connected workforce with wearable technology, our message – and the reasoning behind our new name – has never been clearer: upskill the workforce to upskill the business.

And, our message comes at an opportune time, as the manufacturing industry undergoes a profound transformation, more commonly known as “Industry 4.0” or the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” With an influx of data, automation and other high-tech equipment, the manufacturing, logistics and on-site jobs of tomorrow require people with a more advanced skillset. These “upskilled” employees must work side-by-side with machines to deliver the productivity needed for businesses to compete.

We firmly believe that wearable technology is a requirement for hands-on workers that need instant access to information and connectivity for their unique workplace scenarios. With our Skylight platform, workers can reference critical documents, graphics and charts in real time. They can connect and collaborate with experts, capture knowledge, and even digitally perform safety or quality assurance checks. At the same time, organizations can replace outdated paper-based processes and classroom training with faster, more efficient learning. We know that if you give people better tools, they can elevate their performance, as well as the performance of the entire business.

To read more about how wearables can upskill the industrial workforce, check out co-founder and CEO Brian Ballard’s recent article in IndustryWeek.

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