Upskill’s augmented reality (AR) enterprise wearable solution is helping bring GE’s Brilliant Factory to life – where technology enhances human capabilities. A recent article in GE Reports describes the impact of Upskill’s Skylight platform on the manufacturer’s industrial workforce, highlighting how the technology enables workers to interface with data to drive operational efficiency.

Almost every GE business is using Skylight, and applications range from complex production and assembly, to repair and maintenance, to logistics management. In one GE Renewable Energy plant in Florida, a worker assembling wind turbines yielded a 34-percent improvement in productivity the first time the technician used the technology. With digitized directions displayed in their line of sight and real-time access to training videos and expert advice, technicians no longer have to stop what they are doing to check a manual or consult a colleague.

Likewise, GE Healthcare saw a 46-percent improvement in order completion upon first-time use of Skylight in a warehouse in South Carolina. Workers assembling parts for MRI machines receive new orders for fulfillment directly from their smart glasses. Then, Skylight directs staff to the right storage bin to locate items for the order.

A testament to these significant results, GE Ventures is a strategic investor in Upskill, demonstrating the promise Upskill’s AR technology holds for industrial settings across the globe.

To learn about Upskill’s work with GE and GE’s Brilliant Factory read the full GE Reports article here.

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