Enterprise AR provider, Upskill, has come a long way since its inception in 2010. Last year alone, the company completely rebranded, secured new funding, tripled its customer base, made a significant acquisition, updated its solution and much more. The last 12 months caught the eye of Rob Marvin, who recently profiled Upskill in PC Mag.

Rob’s article traces Upskill from its humble beginnings – when three executives from diverse backgrounds (Brian Ballard, Jeff Jenkins and Chris Hoyt) recognized the potential to expand the scope of AR technology beyond the government market. Thus, Upskill (then APX Labs) and our flagship AR software platform, Skylight, were born.

Today, Upskill’s customers range from aerospace and defense giants; industrial manufacturers; supply chain and logistics firms and field service providers. For example, GE uses Skylight delivered via smart glasses to simplify engine maintenance, supply chain and warehousing processes, and wind turbine assembly. Coca-Cola technicians use Skylight on smart glasses streamline maintenance and maximize uptime in their bottling plants. And, Boeing employs our solution in its complex wiring harness assembly process, where it has cut production time by 25 percent and lowered error rates to zero.

What’s next for Upskill? Stay tuned to find out…

Read the full PC Mag article here.