The benefits of smart glasses applications extend beyond the manufacturing plant floor and into virtually any hands-on task within the enterprise. Now, a growing number of distribution centers are beginning to roll out smart glass pilots in their warehouses. Thus far, the most popular logistics application is “vision picking,” whereby visual cues and directions for order fulfillment are projected into the user’s field of view. By receiving hands-free, digital information, warehouse workers can eliminate the need for RFID/laser barcode scanners and paper documents to be more productive.

In a recent interview with DC Velocity, Jay Kim, Upskill’s chief strategy officer, confirmed the viability of augmented reality in warehouse picking applications. Kim notes that smart glasses applications have been producing the best ROI in pilot programs, especially because picking is an area where mistakes can be costly and detrimental to efficiency.

Jay believes that smart glasses are most useful when a low volume of high-value parts and high-throughput, third-party e-commerce fulfillment operations are involved. Also, smart glasses can deliver significant results when training seasonal distribution center workers and streamlining maintenance operations, according to Kim.

Lance Anderson, vice president of enterprise sales at Vuzix, adds that the new generation of smart glasses come with features like a microphone and audio link, an embedded digital camera, geolocating capability, and more – helping expand the devices’ use. Other warehouse applications may include exception management, inventory putaway and receiving goods. In addition, smart glasses can support warehouse training programs and even help wearers safely operate forklifts.

To learn more about the use of smart glasses applications in the warehouse, read the full article, “Smart glasses get a second look from warehouses.”

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