The industrial wearables market is set to explode in 2018, and many industry experts have been chiming in about their predictions for the technology in the coming year. While there is certainly no shortage of excitement and interest around enterprise augmented reality (AR), keeping track of all the innovation and translating that into best practices for manufacturers can be challenging.

Upskill’s chief strategy officer, Jay Kim, recently spoke with New Equipment Digest’s John Hitch about the role of AR and wearables in manufacturing in 2018. Kim predicts that AR will be “everywhere” in 2018, fueling many of the world’s biggest and best-known brands. However, it will also impact smaller, more agile companies who have less “red tape” to overcome.

In addition, Kim points out that service and logistics will go all-in on AR in 2018. He believes that the areas to watch include the stock room, parts warehouses and distribution centers. For example, a GE Healthcare facility in South Carolina is already using AR on smart glasses to direct workers through the picking process. The result has been a 46 percent improvement in order completion time. Kim also notes that voice guidance, rather than gesture control, will play a larger role in the way workers interact with wearables this year.

Undoubtedly, AR and wearables will be vital tools for manufacturing, so industry leaders need to wrap their minds around the technologies and start developing their deployment plan, sooner rather than later.

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