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2017 was by far one of the most exciting, turbulent and productive years for augmented reality (AR). We saw Glass remerge into the public eye, solidifying AR’s value proposition in the enterprise. We saw new AR toolkits emerge that have simplified AR application development. We also saw many, many new use cases arise, as first movers like GE and Coca-Cola expanded their repertoire of AR applications and increased the scope of their deployments.

So how do we take into account the progress that has been made to understand what’s next and whether this year will finally be an inflection point for enterprise AR?

To make sense of the noise and incorporate our own long-standing industry experience and unique perspective on what’s happening, we compiled five key predictions for 2018, and what they mean for your organization.

  1. Enterprise AR will become essential to the creation, delivery and service of the world’s best-known brands.
  2. Service and logistics will take pole position in the race for broad adoption of AR.
  3. AR will become increasingly more accessible and flexible for enterprises.
  4. Advances in speech will accelerate and make voice a vital interaction paradigm.
  5. Investments in consumer AR/VR will drive increased device options and experiences.

In the coming posts, you will see us break down each prediction in detail, bringing in supporting data and insights from our experience in the industry.  You can also watch the 2018 augmented reality predictions webinar featuring Brian Ballard, CEO, and Jay Kim, Chief Strategy Officer for an even more in-depth analysis.

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2018 Prediction #1:

AR will fuel the best-known brands in the world

2018 Prediction #2:

Service and logistics will take pole position in enterprise AR