Your hands-free journey begins here

Adopting AR in the enterprise is an exciting step in the Industry 4.0 journey, and we are here to help. Because each environment is different, Skylight provides important flexibility to build and deploy the applications that will make your workforce more productive, accurate, and safe. The journey starts with you, but Upskill and our partners can guide you from experimentation to value at scale.

There are two paths to get started with your wearables journey…

Full-scope POC

To build more complex applications integrated into your enterprise systems, conduct a proof of concept (POC) or Production Pilot. Upskill’s team or our partners provide customized support to develop applications, build integrations, deliver training on-site, and conduct rigorous testing & evaluation.

Self-guided discovery

Take advantage of our Skylight Explorer Program and Developer Resources to experiment experiment on your own at a low cost. Upskill provides the training and support you need to get started.

Define your value-drivers and discover your wearables use case

A successful implementation starts with addressing a business need and many organizations have found success in a number of key areas that are commonly present in across industries. You can learn from their experience and gain understanding of the expected benefits in our knowledge base. If you are completely new to AR, you can familiarize yourself with AR Terminology. Many users start with Skylight’s remote support feature, Skylight Live, which delivers value on day one connecting remote experts with technicians in the field to resolve errors.

Develop your application

A Skylight application can be any structured workflow that helps a worker do their job better. Skylight provides a full suite of low-code and no-code development tools for building apps with the right structure, content, logic, and integrations for your job.

Pilot your solution

Establish baseline metrics, develop a testing plan, train workers. Deploy hardware and build a plan to manage it.

Measure Your Success

Collect data and leverage Skylight Analytics to power your business decision. Skylight’s Analytics API enables easy reporting for common business analytics software such as Power BI and Tableau so you can identify what works and plan for the future.

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Webinar: Preparing Your Organization For Enterprise Wearables

View our on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the enterprise wearables solution stack and how to work with your technical teams to rapidly deploy smart eyewear to drive efficiency from the factory to the warehouse to your field service fleet.

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