Everything you need to deliver scalable enterprise apps

Skylight’s enterprise app platform abstracts the tedious plumbing and infrastructure required to develop, integrate, deploy, and manage apps for wearable and mobile devices.


Use Skylight Application Builder to visually design apps and add custom app logic.


Integrate apps with data or events from external data sources using Skylight’s Integration APIs.


Install the Skylight client on devices and instantly deploy Skylight apps.


Leverage out-of-the box authentication, user management, and access control capabilities.

Building Skylight Applications

Design the UI
Use drag-and-drop components to easily construct UI’s that are optimized for wearable and mobile devices.

Data bind UI components
Map UI properties to data objects and automatically update upon data value changes.

Add custom logic
Customize the application’s behavior using data binding template expressions or event scripts.

Preview and test
Quickly preview applications on clients. Use the session inspector to monitor and simulate data changes.

Developer Docs

The Skylight Docs portal contains all of the information you need to get started building Skylight-powered solutions.

  • Getting started guide and Hello World
  • Core Skylight concepts
  • Recipes for common functions
  • Integration API reference
  • Scripting API reference

Quick Start Apps

Get started quickly with app templates for common use cases. You can deploy and use immediately out-of-the-box, or open in Application Builder to customize to your needs. The quick start apps are architected with Skylight development and UX best practices. They can be used with built-in sample data for demos, or easily modified to integrate with data from your backend systems.


Developer Community

The Skylight Community is a place where you can ask questions, provide product suggestions, learn about the latest product announcements, and discuss anything related to Skylight. The Upskill team also monitors the community and answers questions.