Skylight is the fastest way to integrate solutions that connect hands-on workers across many different jobs within the enterprise with the data and systems that drive their work.

Developing for Skylight

The Skylight platform provides low-code tools for building apps for the hands-on workforce . We built Skylight from the ground-up to take care of the heavy-lifting associated with developing apps with drastically different usage and shop floor deployment paradigms such as smart glasses, mixed reality headsets, smart phones, and tablets.

Skylight comes out-of-the box with a web-based application design tool called Application Builder. Using this tool, anyone can design a simple application capable of running on all of Skylight’s supported device. Application Builder makes it possible for anyone to create apps for the hands-on workforce, even if they have no programming experience at all!

Applications built with Application Builder expose events that code running outside of Skylight can handle by subscribing to the push notifications published by Skylight. Developers can write code to respond to these events, making calls to the Skylight REST API to affect user experience.

Developers can also use the Skylight API to read and write data from external systems of record.  The Application Builder design experience can even be bypassed in favor of using the Skylight API to automate the creation and management of assignments in an ad-hoc manner.

The Skylight API uses standard technologies like HTTP and MQTT so you can build your business/data access logic with your language of choice. We provide SDK libraries for C# and JavaScript (with more languages to come) to make the process even easier.

Getting Started

Developer Portal

The Skylight Developer Portal contains all of the information you need to get started building Skylight-powered solutions and integrating them with the systems of record already present in your business.

Developer Portal

Integration API Docs

The current version of Skylight’s Integration API documentation is available in the Developer Portal via the button below. If you’re running Skylight on-premises, you log in and point your web browser at https://<yourSkylightUrl>/explorer/ for documentation that aligns with your deployed version.

API Documentation

What’s Next?

Later this year, we’re releasing an exciting evolution of Skylight’s low-code tools that make the process of building solutions for the hands-on workforce easier than ever before and more accessible to individuals with varying levels of development experience.

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