Find the Right Device for your Use Case

With many different augmented reality and wearable devices on the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Our team can help you find the right device for your use case. Skylight is built to give you the flexibility to deploy smart glasses, mixed reality devices, smartphones and tablets to your workforce.

Realwear HMT-1
Hololens 2
iOS and Android

How to Purchase Smart Glasses

We have worked closely with each of our hardware partners to ensure you can confidently build applications across each device, now and into the future. Many of our customers find it easiest and most cost-effective to purchase either directly from the manufacturer or from a preferred reseller. We are able to help you determine the best way to procure your devices, but below are some of the most common paths.



Where to Buy


google logo

Glass Enterprise Edition 2
(Assisted Reality/HUD)

Purchase from MobileAdvance

Safety frames from Smith Optics

microsoft logo

HoloLens 2
(Mixed Reality)

Purchase directly from Microsoft

Realwear logo

(Assisted Reality/HUD)

Purchase directly from RealWear

Hard hat clips
Ball cap w/HMT clips
HMT belt clip

vuzix logo

(Assisted reality/HUD)

Purchase directly from Vuzix

Hard hat clips
Ball cap/Vuzix clips
Safety frame mounting clips
Auxiliary battery


All of our supported devices are used by thousands of frontline workers across every major industry. Your employees and company can trust them for enterprise-grade workloads, availability and security. They also can be securely deployed with your existing MDM solutions like VMWare Airwatch or Microsoft Intune.

Built for Safety

Each device listed is eye-safe and have been approved by Environmental Health and Safety programs within hundreds of leading companies. If used in shared environments or with specific sanitary requirements, all device surfaces can be cleaned with common sterilization wipes.

Looking for Bulk Storage & Charging Options?

There are many options available on the market for smart glass storage and charging. Here are some of the most common solutions.

Secure Storage

Axcess 6100 Series or Fastenal FAST Series Industrial Lockers are well known brands for securing non-disposable IT assets.

Portable Charging Carts

Charging cart

For convenient bulk charging out on the factory floor or where the work areas may reconfigure during a build process, mobile charging carts from Tripp Lite provide reliable charging of up to 32 devices at once.

Webinar: Preparing Your Organization For Enterprise Wearables

View our on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the enterprise wearables solution stack and how to work with your technical teams to rapidly deploy smart eyewear to drive efficiency from the factory to the warehouse to your field service fleet.