Skylight is a proven, enterprise-ready solution for wearables that integrates with and extends your existing technology investments to connect people, processes and information to drive the business.

Deploying the Skylight platform

Skylight’s architecture is flexible enough to meet the deployment needs of the modern enterprise. Leverage the power of our managed infrastructure, or bring cloud-native elasticity and performance to your data center.

Get up and running immediately and save your team the overhead of maintaining another system by making use of Skylight’s managed multi-tenant environment.

Need complete environmental control? Your team can install and maintain your own instance of Skylight in your existing VPC infrastructure or in your on-premises data center.

Provisioning devices

While system administrators are free to manually provision devices for use with Skylight, use of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is recommended for scale deployments. Every Skylight-supported device is compatible with at least one major MDM solution on the market today.





Skylight for Smart Glasses


Skylight for HoloLens 2

Skylight for iOS

Skylight for Android

Network configuration

We realize that enterprise security requirements often dictate the exposure of a minimal network surface area. Skylight requires minimal changes to network configuration to function. Specifically, the network to which you plan to connect Skylight-powered devices must be able to communicate with the Skylight platform (in the cloud, your VPC, or data center) using two key ports.



Used for API communication between clients and services



Used for real-time push notification between clients and services

See-What-I-See calling requires some additional ports to be opened to function. In order to use these features, the following ports need to be enabled as well.





Authentication in Skylight

As a system administrator, you can decide how your users authenticate with Skylight. Whether you’re using Skylight’s built-in identity provider, or integrating with an external IdP you’ll be able to define their platform-level role as well as control access at the application level.

Skylight IdP

If you don’t want to use an external IdP, use Skylight’s built-in access control list for authentication to the platform.

LDAP Integration

Using an LDAP provider to maintain authentication across your entire enterprise? Link it to Skylight and map Skylight users and groups to those already in your directory.

SSO Support

Integrate SSO with any external identity provider via Skylight’s SAML 2.0 support.

Webinar: Preparing Your Organization For Enterprise Wearables

View our on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the enterprise wearables solution stack and how to work with your technical teams to rapidly deploy smart eyewear to drive efficiency from the factory to the warehouse to your field service fleet.