Upskill Announces Enterprise Augmented Reality Predictions for 2018

Executives share the biggest AR growth areas and how investments in the consumer space will drive results in the enterprise

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan 18, 2018 – Upskill, the leader in enterprise software for augmented reality (AR) devices, today announces the release of its 2018 Predictions: What’s Next for Enterprise AR.

Upskill developed its predictions after analyzing the data collected from conversations with customers and reviewing industry-wide trends. These predictions provide valuable insights on the direction of the enterprise AR industry worldwide.

“There is an abundance of buzz, speculation and real ROI when it comes to the enterprise AR market in 2018,” said Brian Ballard, CEO and co-founder of Upskill. “Sorting through massive amounts of the innovation and hype can be a challenge. So, we digested predictions from around the industry and compared them with what we’re hearing from our customers to create a definitive list of the five biggest trends that will impact the enterprise AR market in the months ahead.”

The five key predictions for what’s next in enterprise AR are:

  1. AR becomes essential to the creation, delivery and service of the world’s best-known brands
  2. Service and logistics take the pole position in the race for broad adoption of AR
  3. AR becomes increasingly accessible for enterprises
  4. Advances in speech accelerate and make voice a vital interaction paradigm
  5. Tech giants drive the 3D content revolution for consumer and enterprise applications

The new webinar featuring Ballard, and chief strategy officer, Jay Kim, will take place later today, Jan. 18, at 2 p.m. ET, where both Upskill executives will elaborate in detail on the findings behind each key prediction for 2018 and what the future holds for enterprise AR.

To learn more about the new webinar, or to register to listen live on Jan. 18 at 2 p.m. ET, click here:


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