Upskill Empowers Today’s Connected Worker with More Experiences Across More Devices

New mobile features enhance Skylight’s existing offering for smart glasses and Microsoft HoloLens, helping to accelerate the digital workforce transformation across the entire enterprise

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 20, 2019 – Upskilla leader in enterprise augmented reality (AR) software, today announced that its Skylight AR platform is expanding to bring the complete Skylight feature set to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, complementing its existing support for smart glasses and Microsoft HoloLens. This latest release of Skylight further accelerates customers’ digital transformation by bringing the Skylight experience to every hands-on worker across the entire enterprise, with the right device and user experience best suited for the specific task at hand.

With Skylight’s comprehensive support for devices, hands-on workers can now seamlessly access helpful information for their tasks, collaborate with others through live video and capture insights as they work on any device. Hands-on workers can also seamlessly transition between devices, starting the day on a smartphone to review work orders and continuing on smart glasses when tasks require keeping their hands free.

Businesses running Skylight now have maximum flexibility to deploy a range of devices optimized for each hands-on task with one centralized platform connected to their enterprise systems. With this, they are better able to secure the access of information flowing to and from every worker and further scale across their entire operations.

“Upskill’s mission is to empower every hands-on worker to be successful. That’s why we believe it’s critical to bring the digital enterprise all the way to the hands-on workforce, with the right information available to them at the right time with minimal disruptions,” said Brian Ballard, Upskill CEO and co-founder. “With the latest enhancements to Skylight, it makes critical data, peer collaboration and the unique fidelity provided by augmented reality even more accessible. Skylight accelerates organizations along their digital transformation journey, regardless of where they are today.”

Jason Welsh, a managing director in the Accenture Extended Reality group, added, “We’re seeing extended reality (XR) solutions play a powerful role in the way that hands-on workers experience the world around them by augmenting productivity and accuracy while helping to increase safety. As clients look to leverage their existing investments in mobile technology for XR deployments, Skylight provides a unifying platform that enables them to explore a variety of AR devices and then choose the one that best meet the needs of industrial workers in the factory, warehouse or in the field.”

The Skylight platform is designed to remove the complexity IT organizations face when trying to integrate support for different devices and AR experiences within their infrastructure. With a single platform for building, deploying, maintaining, securing and upgrading applications, organizations can meet the needs of multiple use cases from the factory to the field.

Upskill also announced the upcoming launch of their Skylight Explorer offering, which enables more enterprise organizations to experience the Skylight platform as they embark on their AR journey. For more details on the Skylight Explorer program, visit:

The new Skylight for iOS app is now available for download in the iOS App Store. Skylight for Android is currently available to existing Skylight licensees and will be available in the Google Play Store in March.

To learn more about Skylight, visit:

Accenture has a strategic alliance with Upskill and, through Accenture Ventures, made a minority investment in Upskill last year.

About Upskill

Upskill is the market leader in enterprise augmented reality software for the industrial workforce. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor and World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, Upskill is trusted by some of the world’s most well-known companies, including The Boeing Company and Accenture. With its award-winning Skylight AR platform, Upskill empowers every hands-on worker by connecting them to the digital enterprise, and enabling them with the data, information and tools necessary to work more efficiently and effectively. To learn more, visit