augmented reality glossary cover

Augmented Reality Glossary

We’ve defined more than 50 frequently used terms related to augmented reality and enterprise wearables.

Power to Your People: 4 Use Cases of AR in Enterprise

We look at how four companies are using Skylight to power smart glasses to improve performance.

five reasons cover image

5 Reasons to Get Started on Assisted Reality Today

We’ve outlined 5 important advantages for why enterprises should adopt assisted reality.

The State of Enterprise Wearables

This whitepaper outlines how decision makers are taking advantage of wearable technology to drive business value.

The First 120 Days Implementation Guide

The First 120 Days outlines best practices companies like GE use to implement augmented reality.

Total Economic Impact Study

Download this report to learn more about the economic impact of enterprise wearables.

Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Wearables Report

Analysts Frost & Sullivan identify which wearable solutions are having the biggest impact.

The Wearables Family Tree

This whitepaper outlines the ecosystem of wearables.

Enabling the Workforce with Smart Glasses

This Forrester report looks at what jobs are best suited for smart glasses and how to operationalize your strategy.

The Periodic Table of Wearable Technology

Our updated periodic table groups and defines the main capabilities that businesses are using today.

Augmented Reality Is Already Improving Worker Performance

This article provides an analysis around how AR can have a profound impact on the skills gap.

Infographic: The New Digital Industrial Enterprise

There is a slow-motion collision of technologies that are fusing together and transforming what the industrial work environment looks like: wearable technology, the industrial internet of things, and big data. All together these are making a new industrial workplace.

White Paper: 2016 Predictions for Wearable Technology

In 2016 IOT, smart tools and big data for industry will come together in a real, tangible way thanks to wearables. Completing this last-mile loop between people, machines, and data will be the most significant driver of the next wave of industrial change, investment, and innovation.