Supercharge your workforce with Skylight

Deliver higher productivity, higher quality, and reduced costs with wearable computing and augmented reality solutions.


Rapidly deliver apps for smart glasses & mobile devices

Build once and deploy to any device

Applications developed in Skylight can be deployed across a range of devices so you can utilize the best device for the job without additional development burden.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
Vuzix M300/M400
RealWear HMT-1 / Z1
Microsoft HoloLens 2
Hololens 2
iOS & Android Mobile Devices
iOS and Android

Deliver intuitive experiences optimized for wearables

Leverage Skylight’s UI framework to quickly deploy apps to your workforce that are easy to adopt and help them perform their jobs more effectively.

Visual instructions
Document viewing
Smart tool integration
Forms and data collection
Event notifications
Media capture

Seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems

Utilize Skylight’s robust REST APIs or SDKs for popular languages to build dynamic apps that integrate with data or events from resource planning, content management and business intelligence systems.

Connect workers with live streaming video

Unlock unique production insights

Capture operational data at the point of work that lets your organization visualize what’s happening in real-time. Data captured by Skylight can be integrated with business and artificial intelligence systems to provide unique insights into work execution.

  • Identify bottlenecks in order to optimize processes
  • Track task and cycle times for optimizing team performance
  • Ensure traceability and auditability to understand who did what and when

Why choose Skylight?

Leading organizations across the world have trusted Skylight to deliver mission-critical applications for their workforce.