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Augmented reality software for your workforce

Skylight is an industrial AR software platform for smart glasses that connects hands-on workers to the information they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors.

Flexible and scalable, Skylight can be configured and deployed for multiple use cases across your business, from the factory to the warehouse to the jobsite.


More Productive Workforce


Higher Quality Output


Greater Utilization

Skylight AR software presents users with step-by-step instructions using text, video, or images for guidance on completing specific tasks. The workflows are integrated to the company’s backend systems of record such as an ERP, MES, WHS or CRM, associated with work being performed. This allows for workers to access, capture and send digitized information related to tasks in real-time.

As use cases for augmented reality are defined, Skylight can be configured to support the job at-hand and continually extended as more applications emerge and new hardware is introduced to the market.

Guided instructions & workflows

Real-time task assignments

Capture, share & view media

“See what I see” video calling

Stream live data from machines

Enable voice or touch commands

Deploys on-prem, cloud or hybrid

Runs on multiple hardware devices

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Google glass for wearable software
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Skylight Device HMT-1
Skylight ODG R7
Skylight Hololens

Cut Production Time by 25% and Errors to Virtually Zero

Learn how Boeing transformed its wiring harness assembly operations with Skylight